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HTML Classes in Pune

Kodyfier HTML CSS classes in Pune offer comprehensive guidance and extensive learning material as the best HTML CSS training institute in Pune. 100% job guarantee upon course completion. More about HTML CSS classes in Pune with placement.

HTML is a mark up language used for creating the structure and content of web pages, while CSS is used for styling and visual presentation.

So, what are the components which make HTML CSS classes so inquisitive and well-augmented?

The backbone of website development in simple terms.


  • Tags: Markup language elements used to define and describe the content of a web page.
  • Attributes: Information added to tags to reform their behaviour or appearance.
  • Content: The text, images, multimedia, and other information that is displayed on a web page.


  • Selectors: Specify the HTML elements to which a style or set of styles will be applied.
  • Properties: Specify the visual aspects, such as colour, font, or layout, that will be applied to the selected elements.
  • Values: Set the specific details of the properties, defining the colour or font type, to be used on the selected elements.

💡 Inspiration

  • Creation by Netscape (1995): JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape in 1995. Originally called "Mocha," it was later renamed to "JavaScript." It was designed as a scripting language for web browsers to add interactivity and dynamic behavior to web pages.
  • ECMAScript 6 (2015): ECMAScript 6, also known as ES6 or ES2015, was a major update to the JavaScript language. It introduced significant enhancements like arrow functions, classes, template literals, and destructuring. ES6 laid the foundation for modern JavaScript development practices.

Practical oriented HTML CSS course in Pune

When talking about HTML CSS courses in Pune some features which catch the eye are

  • Hands-on practical training
  • Meticulous learning through quizzes and questionnaire
  • Expert guidance and instant feedback in HTML CSS CLASSES in Pune.
  • Group Discussions.

Additionally, HTML CSS coaching courses in Pune include an HTML/CSS crash course, The beginner’s course and the advanced full stack web development HTML CSS course.

Take your learning experience to an upgraded scalable level with mentorship tailored for you and you only.

HTML CSS course fees in Pune

With the guidance of best HTML CSS classes in Pune students may think outrageous numbers when it comes to HTML CSS course Fees so let's crunch some numbers.

HTML Course Fees:

HTML CSS Training IN Pune courtesy of Kodyfier is innate with a dynamic faculty, Courses start from basic front-end development to full stack development and software programming. Starting from 10,000 INR up to 5,00,000 depending on preferences.

CSS Course duration:

Self-paced, starting at 8-12 weeks then gradually upwards depending on preferences like CSS or HTML or combined. Guaranteed placement for lifetime. 100%.

Don’t delay, with the urgency and increment for software developers, programmers and HTML CSS experts in the air, It’s the moment to seize for you at startups or B2B AND B2C companies. Twice the thought and you lose time.

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